The Smart Prepayment Forum (SPPF) provides a forum to identify risks and issues; and potential solutions, specific to smart prepayment associated with the gas and electricity smart industry in GB

It seeks an agreed approach to support the transition from legacy prepayment to smart so that the run-down of the legacy arrangements is achieved in the most efficient, coordinated way to drive benefits for the end consumer.

The SPPF also includes a Withdrawal of Legacy Prepayment Forum (WLPF), which aims to provide a forum to:

  • discuss the risks and issues previously considered under the BEIS’ Cost Control & Benefits Realisation Group (CCBRG) as well as those identified by the WLPF;
  • create a plan for the withdrawal of legacy prepayment services and equipment and shared with Ofgem, BEIS and CCBRG; and
  • identify any potential solutions to address identified risks and issues.

Please see Documents page for meeting dates and PPMF Products.


As well as the Full Members of PPMF, SPPF and WLPF has the following Affiliate Members:

Affiliate Members of SPPF

Organisation Role
Citizens Advice Consumer Representative
Citizens Advice Scotland Consumer Representative
Domestic Energy Supplier Forum, represented by Cornwall Insight Trade Association
BEIS (Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy) Government Department
E.ON UK Prepayment Meter Infrastructure Provider
EDF Energy Prepayment Meter Infrastructure Provider
Energy UK Trade Association
Itron Prepayment Meter Infrastructure Provider
Global Prepaid Solutions Limited Smart Prepayment Service Provider
MRASCo, represented by Gemserv Code Administrator
Ofgem Regulator
Paypoint National Service Provider
Payzone National Service Provider
Post Office National Service Provider
RWE Npower Prepayment Meter Infrastructure Provider
Scottish Power Prepayment Meter Infrastructure Provider
SECAS, represented by Gemserv Code Administrator
Siemens Energy Services Ltd Prepayment Meter Infrastructure Provider
Smart DCC Delivery Body
Smart Energy GB Communications Body
SMICoP, represented by ElectraLink Governance Administrator
SPAA, represented by ElectraLink Code Administrator
SSE Prepayment Meter Infrastructure Provider

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